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Our sales acceleration program can help your company increase sales and market valuation by:
  • Accelerating sales and net income
  • Creating a predictable, repeatable sales process
  • Targeting high probability accounts with our sales fingerprinting methodology
  • Improving close rates
  • Accelerating sales velocity and shortening the sales cycle
  • Increasing average sales size
  • Satisfying  prospects and clients needs and creating long term clients
  • Improving forecasting accuracy
  • Creating repeatable tools for your team to improve sales quality and consistency
  • Maximizing and optimizing your pipeline




  Our sales acceleration program leverages our proven, patent pending process for accelerating and optimizing sales which we have developed through our work with world class sales organizations. We also include our sales benchmarking methodology which identifies areas for ongoing improvement and creates a road map for ongoing sales success.

"We used the Sales Optimization Group to increase the productivity of our global sales team spanning three continents. The Sales Optimization Group created a consistent, repeatable sales process and identified the best practices of top producers so they could be replicated. The Sales Optimization Group developed tools and processes to help us better manage our team, proactively manage our pipeline and forecast more accurately. Their work helped us maximize our sales results and increase our market valuation. I would highly recommend them to any company looking to accelerate sales and maximize market valuation."

Carol E. Robbins
Prudential-Bache International