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Our sales management training program gives your sales management team the tools, knowledge and confidence to:
  • Motivate and proactively manage the team to meet and exceed their forecast
  • Improve coaching skills and create a team environment
  • Get buy in from sales people on stretch goals and personal goals
  • Create a proactive, victim-free culture
  • Define key metrics and activities to measure sales performance and sales management performance
  • Leverage management time more effectively 
  • Maximize sales team productivity
  • Develop better hiring profiles




  Our sales management training leverages our proven, patent pending process for accelerating and optimizing sales which we have developed through our work with world class sales organizations. We customize our  training and deliver it on site, to help your team achieve maximum results.

"The sales management training program was fantastic. Our managers learned key strategies to proactively manage, motivate and coach their sales teams to even greater success. Each manager walked away with action items and to-dos to better manage their team. The program and exercises were completely customized to our sales and sales management environment. I would highly recommend this program"

Art Harris