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Our sales training program helps your team accelerate sales success by:
  • Targeting high probability accounts with our sales fingerprinting methodology
  • Penetrating accounts
  • Improving listening and discovery skills
  • Preemptively positioning your company's offering
  • Improving close rates
  • Accelerating sales velocity and shortening the sales cycle
  • Improving average sales size
  • Satisfying  prospects' and clients' needs and creating long term clients
  • Matching your sales process to the client's buying process




  Our sales training leverages our proven, patent pending process for accelerating and optimizing sales which we have developed through our work with world class sales organizations. We customize our sales training and deliver it on site, to help your team achieve maximum results.

"The sales training was great. We were using principles learned in the morning session that very same afternoon. It has been extremely useful to us in winning opportunities and helping our business grow. The training was fun, interactive, and customized to our business unit so the examples, role play and simulations were very real and very powerful.  I would recommend this training to any company looking to improve sales performance"

Patricia Roberts
Sun Microsystems